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SEO Intern- Who am I? My name is BJ Wright, I began my SEO career in late 2005 and struggled for the first 8 months, I would have called myself more of an enthusiast than a professional. In November of 2006 I decided to do something about it - I was accepted into the Fresh Egg SEO Internship, where I was given the opportunity to rub shoulders with some of the worlds best SEO's. Ammon Johns is one the most respected & experienced SEO's in the world.
I began this blog on my trip to England and have continued with my passion for the profession, I have expanded my expertise into other fields of interest including: Web Analytics, Online Conversions & Small Business Marketing among others. Be sure to read the testimonials for some of my recent successes!

Satisfied Clients

Ryan Horsley

Added an additional $30,000 of business in first 2 months

"BJ Wright has definitely helped us to increase our website traffic and online lead generation.  Our website was extremely outdated and lacking in any interesting content.  After revamping the site and adding some new features our traffic has tripled and we are now able to more easily respond to online inquiries.  I am also extremely pleased with the ability to see day by day exactly where our traffic comes from and how effectively our advertising dollars are being spent.  We are excited about the new potential and look forward to doing more work with BJ in the future."


Ryan Horsley
Award Roofing Company
Lawrenceville, GA

Jake Wright

30 New Accounts in 2 1/2 months

"BJ is my older brother, and I came to him in the middle of the summer frustrated with my current employment situation. He recommended starting a local lawn mowing business, where I would mow the lawns and he would handle the rest.

We have added 30 new accounts in 2 1/2 months, each of these accounts re-occur on weekly or bi-weekly basis. I will never return to work for someone again. I set my own hours and boss myself around!"


Jake Wright
Boise Lawn Care
Boise, Idaho

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